Here are some of the topics covered during a lecture. It can be some of them, or all of them, depending on how much time is allocated.

  • Myriam’s story in the pseudo Christian cult she was in, how she met them, why she joined, what went on inside the group, and how she left.
  • The difficulties she experienced when she came out, what helped her, what did not help her.
  • Advice for cult victims as they exit a group.
  • Advice for parents of loved ones recruited by a group.
  • How to recognise when someone is involved in a destructive movement.
  • How to talk to cult members still in the group.
  • How to talk to someone who is thinking of joining a group.
  • The personality of the leader and his relationship with his “disciples”.
  • Violence in cults.
  • Children in cults.
  • Mind control techniques and how to resist manipulation.
  • A brief outline of therapy cults.
  • Importance of preventative education.
  • Is there life after a cult experience?

Myriam’s lectures vary between 2 hours and 8 hours, including a time of questions and discussion, depending on the topics covered and the interest of the participants.

Myriam can use Powerpoint for the presentations. She can give lectures in either French or English.

To contact Myriam for a lecture, advice or information, please write to: myriam.declair@gmail.com